SupportLog on from home

Using the school's 'Home Access Plus' system, it is possible for students and staff to gain access to their documents, and Learning Resources.

To reach the service, you will need to type the following web address (URL) into the address bar of your Internet browser window.
You may then be presented with a security certificate warning, which needs to be accepted before you are prompted to enter your network username and password. These are the same credentials that you use to log on from within school.

To access this feature, your computer must be running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later. Due to the design limitations of Microsoft's 'Web Folders' system, this service is not available through any other web browsing software. Also, a broadband internet connection, whilst not necessary, will provide a much better user experience.

Using School Email

The school has provided for you an industry standard email solution. This includes our own internal email server, professional email client software on the school's computers and an internet accessible interface so that you can access your email from home.

When you are in school, you will access the email system via the Microsoft Outlook program which you will find at the top of the Windows start menu.
This program provides you with a full range of features including sending and receiving email, a personal calendar, a contacts address book, and task management facilities.

To access your email account from home, you need to type the following address into your internet browser's address bar: . You will then be able to log-in using your email address and password that you use to log-on to the school's computers. Once logged in, you will find that the web interface is very similar to the Outlook program you use from within school & will give you access to all the same features.

School's Intranet

The school's intranet is an internal website which is available only to people logged onto the school's network. It will be the first page you see before you access the internet, and will provide you with a quick link to some of the most commonly used resources, both inside and outside the school.

The Intranet homepage will also be used periodically to circulate news or information around the school. These could include items such as a particular pupil's achievement, a forthcoming event or the results from Sportsday.

If there is anything you think deserves a mention on the intranet, please feel free to come and discuss it with Mr Hunt or Mr Morris

Broken Equipment

As the Network Manager, it is my responsibility to ensure that all of the IT equipment around the school is available for use as much of the time as possible.

Obviously from time to time pieces of equipment get broken so it is important that all faults and breakages are reported to the teacher, who will in turn fill out a fault report form.

Vandalism is a common cause of broken equipment in the school, with the actions of just a small number of students spoiling things for everyone.
If you should see anybody damaging a piece of school equipment, please report this directly to Mr Morris.